“If agencies had a magic circle, we
would have been kicked out long
ago for debunking the myths and
removing the smoke and mirrors
agencies use to keep clients in
long term commitments without
the optimum results”

We’re data mad, which is why we love
CRM & Marketing Automation!

At JRC Marketing we’re data mad, this love for data, thirst for facts and our impressive results has led to us becoming one of the most highly recommended CRM & Marketing automation digital agencies around.

CRM & Marketing Automation


We utilise the best strategies and tools to enable our ambitious clients to get the most out of their marketing spend. We highly recommend the use of a CRM system and marketing automation, whilst this technology is not new, adaption and willingness to change to a CRM minded business is something that has grown in the last 18 months. We’re currently helping many of our clients implement CRM systems as well as the internal processes and best practices that should be adhered to. We also devise well planned and thought out strategies for our clients to utilise to get maximum return on investment from their new CRM system, whilst at the same time automating as many of these tasks as possible.

CRM & Marketing Automation

What is possible with CRM & Marketing automation?

CRM has many, many uses. The prime objective of any CRM installation should be to get a 360° view of your customer, this is referred to as a single customer view. Achieving a single customer view is not easy, once you do so however, you have all the information at your fingertips to enable you to extract maximum business value from your customer(s). Achieving a single customer view enables you and your business to make decisions based on insight, not instinct. This allows you to be a leaner and more agile business operation, implementing a CRM system correctly would enable you to achieve some of the below possibilities.


  • Pin point marketing attribution, based on actual sales and revenue data to decide which marketing channels are most effective for which segment of customers. This goes one layer more granular than google analytics can. Once you have this data you can adjust your marketing expenditure for maximum efficiency and lower CPA’s.
  • Spot trends within your customer profile. This is the pinnacle point and there are many examples. One such example would be a potential pricing differentiation. People from Lancaster may be willing to pay £25 for your service, whereas people from manchester would be willing to pay £30. Your RRP is £30. This insight shows that by doing an offer email or text to customers in your CRM with a Lancaster postcode you could increase revenue, without canabilising the £5 per customer from Manchester bookers who would never get wind of such an offer.
  • Automate tasks. Have you ever had a text telling you when your parcel will be delivered? That was automated and came from a CRM system where you and your order were part of that database. Touch points were hit which fired the message, personalised to you, to be sent to your phone. With a CRM system & marketing automation you can achieve similar functions, improving business efficiency and depending on what your business is, potentially revenue growth.
  • Run more detailed reports to give the business additional information to inform future strategy and direction.

    How we can help!

    We offer the complete solution, that doesnt mean you need it all however. If your new to CRM we can take you on the journey from day 1, setting the goals and objectives for the system, finding the right solution for you, project managing the installation, staff training & implementation as well as change management. We’ve breezed through that bit, but trust us, it’s hard and a big undertaking. Once the system is in place, we fine tune to ensure it is meeting it’s requirement objectives, we also help you build internal processes to enable your business and staff to get the most out of the system. 


    At this point, we have a very sound knowledge of your business and customers. Here, we look back at the goals and objectives and put our marketing hat back on to devise successful strategies to achieve these objectives. This is where we look at how things currently work and question if that is the best way of them working? Is it efficient? Does working that way enable us to make as much revenue as we could? What can we do better? What can we automate?

    • Research & Planning

    • Finding the right solution

    • Install the system & migrate users & data from existing systems

    • Test & fine tune

    • Update internal processes

    • Implement marketing strategy

    • Automate marketing strategy

    • Analyse & Optimise

    Looks fun, right?


    From the outside CRM & Marketing Automation can look scary, it’s a big project to begin with, once complete however, your business will operate much more efficiently and break through that glass ceiling of revenue potential, delivering your customers a much more seamless experience in the process….


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