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Getting the most out of a PPC campaign isn’t easy, anyone can create a PPC campaign, but there is a difference between a campaign and a well oiled machine of a campaign! We create the latter.

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Our PPC Management Process

  • Audit

    We conduct an in depth audit of your current campaign, analysing issues, wastage and opportunities.

  • Research

    Based on our initial findings, we conduct more research into your current and potential new keywords, as well as competitor reasearch

  • Execution

    We execute the strategy we discuss with you as a result of our audit and research. We rebuild, expand or restructure your current campaign, fine tuning every nook and cranny.

  • Ongoing Optimisation

    As data rolls in, we act on it, further tweaking your campaigns for optimum success.

  • Further Testing

    As a result of our optimisation, we implement new ideas in an A/B testing format, ensuring we’re squeezing every drop of goodness from the campaign.


We have years of experience and we’re also a Google partner. Over time we have developed a finely tuned PPC management process in Manchester that works every time for our clients. Our PPC process is ongoing, working hard to ensure that campaigns are always running at maximum capacity and efficiency.


We’re always looking to squeeze more conversions out of your budget through improving CTR’s, lowering cost per clicks and raising quality scores. We massage your campaigns over time to work smarter and harder for your business.

PPC Marketing  Platforms

Our award-winning PPC management service is built around your objectives using only the finest industry leading platforms.

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Google Best Practice PPC Management

We’re a Google partner, making us a standout agency. We’ve generated thousands of leads and sales across our client base over the last 4 years. Pay per click marketing is more targeted, controllable and immediately effective.


Make sure your giving your PPC campaign the best shot you can by putting it in the safest management hands possible, ours. We will fine tune your target customers, reduce the cost per acquisition and send your results sky high!

Get A Free PPC Audit!

With millions of pounds in PPC marketing spent and even more millions of pounds in revenue returned, we’re in a great position to audit your campaign!

Fresh Eyes

A fresh pair of eyes on your account can give it the reinvigoration it needs!

Full In Depth Report

We look into quality scores, keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, current and past testes, landing pages and everything in between that effects your PPC campaigns

Hero Performers

We help you find your hero keywords, the ones that perform at the top of their game and generate most of your revenue. Then, we help you squeeze even more out of them.



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