“If agencies had a magic circle, we
would have been kicked out long
ago for debunking the myths and
removing the smoke and mirrors
agencies use to keep clients in
long term commitments without
the optimum results”

Inbound marketing is a vital business function, after May 2018 inbound marketing will have an even bigger role to play for businesses of all sizes, due to GDPR. Inbound marketing is the strategy of communicating and promoting your products and services so as to evoke an enquiry, where the potential customer is the initiator. Inbound marketing leads are proven in case study after case study to have a much higher chance of converting a visitor into paid customer.

When that potential customer is actively searching for your product or engaging with your content, they are the ones who feel in control and more likely to open up to a sale. We are an inbound marketing agency with who have an unrivalled attanetion to detail with our ROI focussed approach.

Because the internet is more widely accessible, anywhere at anytime, buying behaviour has changed, inbound marketing is the way to capitalise on that!

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is the process of helping potential customers find your products/services through the creation of a variety of forms of content such as blogs, white papers, webinars, helpful videos, useful how to guides, social media and varying other forms of content.

    Alongside these "content forms" are "inbound techniques". These thechniques have the role of exchanging potential customer infromation and consent to contact that customer. Some examples are, gated content, lead magnet forms and dedicated conversion optimised landing pages to name a few.

    The third & final layer, is the user of digital channels to drive traffic to these content pieces, where the inbound techniques will serve to obtain the potential customers information so you can enagage with them.

    As you may have guessed by the logical approach detailed above, we are inbound specialists, we've been there and most certainly done that. We know what content, techniques and channels will work best to engage your target audience and drive them to convert at the lowest CPA's. You could experiment yourself, and burn budget in the process, or you can trust our experience and guarentee your business the results it is looking for.

Why Inbound?

Traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to captivate and retain customer interest. Audiences are becoming increasingly wise to conventional marketing tactics and are more likely to ‘switch off’ when they know they are being sold to. Savvy marketers understand that they must adapt their strategies to create lasting connections using genuinely informative and personalised material.

Our Work

We've worked with some of the UK's biggest and best brands delivering amazing websites and incredible results. Between our clients our websites can boast, increasing average order value by 17%, doubling the number of leads generated and doubling a clients e commerce conversion rate!


"We originally chose JRC Marketing to handle our PPC accounts. Each month end report featured more suggestions on what we could do to drive more leads. This is all we actually cared about, whether they were PPC or not was irrelevant. JRC's inbound marketing service helped us reach 15 leads per month, within a short space of time!" - Josh Smith, Eposability

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